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The Swindon companies list - a valuable marketing resource
The top Swindon companies (SN postcode area) are a group of businesses which represent a unique marketing opportunity. The Swindon business area has one of the UK’s most successful manufacturing economies, with its skilled workforce and technical resources.

Swindon businesses have a total turnover of nearly £70bn a year and employ more than 445,000 people. They buy products of all kinds, all the time, from copiers to legal services, and the more you know about them, the more likely you are to be able to get a share of their business.

Our business mailing lists of Swindon companies provide a superb starting point. They identify the top Swindon businesses, providing annual turnover (on which our locally targeted company lists are based), numbers employed, company addresses, telephone and fax numbers.

What you get from the Swindon companies list

We make it as easy as possible to buy our list of the Top 500 and Top 100 Southamptoncompanies. You can purchase any of our business mailing lists and have them emailed to you today, or download a shortened sample copy of one of our company lists to check its suitability.

The Swindon companies list was created with the help of financial data from a leading international specialist in the field of business information, and enhanced with additional details from Swindon-based County Data Publishing Ltd to provide a comprehensive marketing solution.

The Swindon companies list is compiled on the basis of the address at which the business is registered, but the company operations may not be wholly at that location.

It is also possible that some Swindon companies may have been acquired, merged or even ceased to exist since presenting their figures. However, the Swindon companies list is up-dated regularly and the creation date of each business mailing list can be easily determined from the Excel file. Every effort has been made to present full and accurate information, but as with all lists, company data can change rapidly.

To help us keep up to date, please inform us of any inaccuracies you may encounter while using our Swindon companies list.



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